For doing what mom told you

Engineered to make hydration effortless and fun, our Smart Bottle not only captures the fluids as you consume them but also adjusts your water goals based on your activity, location or environmental changes.

Dishwasher safe. Long battery life. Well-designed app....
New smart water bottle, however, not only tells you exactly how much you've consumed so far but also calculates how much you'll need based on your activity level...

Our proprietary Smart Bottle effortlessly tracks your water consumption, contiously adjusting your goals based on the enviromental conditions and activity performed. The embeddded display keeps you informed of the progress and the vibration reminders act as a gentle nudge toward meeting your goals.

Bluetooth™ LE Connectivity

Syncs with our free app on iOS and Android.

Touch Screen Display

Instant feedback on progress.

Intelligent Tracking

Adjusts for activity, environment and goals.

Our patent-pending technology converts your fluid consumption into actionable insights and personalized recommendations. By combining science with data, our electrolyte supplements help you achieve your goals and monitor the progress along the way.

Science-Based Algorithm

More than 250,000 scientific studies and publications formed a base for our algorithm.

Gamified Nutrition

Dig deep into nutritional details or simply enjoy the personalization.

Good Citizen

Connect to HealthKit or Google Fit, sync with FitBit, Strava and many others.

Caught In The Wild